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  • Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Organization was founded in July 1994 from the beginning of its foundation i.e. from the past 26 years organization is doing excellent work in the sector of education and health to assimilate the finest talent and also to bring them closer to the common men.

    The name of the organization was given in the memory of a social reformer great activist, thinker, Mahatma Jyoti ba Fule, who worked for the emancipation of women. He was the profounder of women education, who worked day & night to bring social changes for alienated & deprived sections of the society. The organization is working on the same principle of education & empowerment.

    Society believes strongly in the motto of providing best and latest educational knowledge, techniques and facilities to the students/civilians to encourage them for quality education and excellence academic in every sector. At present, organization is working very sincere and committed to promote quality Higher education in the sector of Veterinary, Ayurveda, Nursing, Education, Paramedical, Academics, Schools and doing surpassing work in size and standards adopted in most of the conventional education sector in the region.

    Society has independent and separate-separate building for different Institutions having all Infrastructural & Instructional facilities as per concerned recognition body i.e.-  Academic blocks, examination halls, modern lecturetheatres Hall, Hostels, Residential facilities and Amenities block. It has its own civic facilities like water supply, sewage and electrification backed by generators to ensure uninterrupted electric supply. Also organization has its own transport facility/service for staff and students coming from nearby areas and for internal movement in between institutions.

    Organization is  recognized for its creative and entrepreneurial spirit made up of a diverse group of students with different cultures, religions, ethnicities and ideas. Here, tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to provide students a perfect & safe atmosphere to live and study.